15 February 2011

Inherited Clothing – Not all bad!

Coming from a family with two older sisters and loads of older female cousins, I was the unlucky one who inherited most of my clothes until the age of 12. I hated it and longed for the time when I had my own money to buy clothes for. Around 12+ years later I have my very own money and I could buy all new shiny clothes if I wanted to. But how is it that I get loads more excited when I visiting a ‘clothes exchange’ or having raid-session of friends’ wardrobes?!

My friend Frankie, who is moving house, needed my help with going from two wardrobes to one (thank god, that wasn’t me in that situation!). Trying to be a good friend, I agreed to it since it was an excellent opportunity for me to ‘give and take’!

I got all her clothes, shoes, bags etc. out on the floor and separated the ‘unwanted-too big-or-too small’-pile with the ‘I might wear this at some point!’-pile. In half an hour I had, without fighting with fellow annoying shoppers on a Saturday afternoon, managed to get four scarves, a shirt and a dress!... for free! Bargain!

13 January 2011

Yummy Fragrance!

My lovely housemate made sure I got what I wanted for Christmas 2010; Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Eau de Parfum. It’s amazing! I actually fell in love with the Issey Miyake fragrance for men at first, and assumed the one for women must be as amazing!

My little sister advised me not to use it everyday though. Instead mix it up a bit and use my Body Shop perfume a couple of days every week, so I don’t get used to the smell being on me at all times.

12 January 2011

The little 'non-black dress'

During several occasions this autumn, I have visited Dorothy Perkins for the same reason; to see whether their dresses from Purple were on sale. After seeing my work mate and my sister in these dresses, I decided that I NEED ONE!

After years of my lovely mother dressing my sister and myself in the same coloured clothing, I decided that choosing the same one would be out of the question. I went with a lovely grey dress. This dress looks great with thicker black tights and my black leather shoes from Office.

11 January 2011

Christmas Sale! – Best Buy!

I have been looking for ages for one of those big bags that you can fit everything in; book, newspaper, lunchbox and of course all those ‘important-in-case’ things. I don’t like spending much money on bags since I tend to break them (don’t ask me how or why!). But at Monsoon in Leamington Spa, I found the prettiest and most useful brown leather bag on sale…half price! This has made my week!

A few days after my housemate and I went for a Sunday walk looking for a living room table. We ended up at Poverty Aid in Leeds and instead of the very much needed table; I found another bag…two in one week! However, this also brown leather bag was only £3…as the English like to put it; “What a bargain!!!”.

3 October 2010

Another year older...

So am I allowed to say that I’m getting older? Well turning 24 isn’t that bad I suppose. But I would like to dedicate this blog post to a few of the lovely presents I was given this year. I have in many previous posts rambled about my own little mummy and all the great gifts she has given me in the past. This year mum sent a couple of amazing gifts. One of them was a watch from Octopus, it’s a crazy digital thing with a 60s inspired pattern in green, turquoise, blue and white. The watch looks more like a bracelet to be honest which I like. I’m not the typical ‘watch type’, not that I’m using the sun to tell time but I rather fill my wrists with crazy bracelets, hence why this new watch is ideal!

My little sister Madde bought me a lovely brown leather bag from NEXT and my friend Maria got me this pretty glass bracelet in white, green and turquoise. Rowan and Bobbles got me a vintage looking locket so I need to find some cute photos to put in there.